Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Rave review

A comment on my blog (who reads my blog??) prompted me to quote someone who describes a show at The Rave (in Milwaukee) to a T. Pure torture
This is a quote of Citysearch
09/23/2006 Posted by whatmeworry2
Eagles ballroom has the worst sound of any venue [I have] been in. It's a big oval room with all hard surfaces, so it's like being in a big echo chamber. You have to stand near the back wall to have tolerable sound. The Rave has OK sound, but the night I was there, it was easily 90 degrees inside, no ventilation, no AC. Granted, this the day after a heat wave, but the low the night before was in the 60's. Open a window already! Both venues offer little seating, pack you in like cattle, and charge $6 for a beer. For some shows to get people in they give out passes: buy two drinks up front and get in "free". They charge $20 for the two drinks. I pity the person that buys two tickets to a show here, pays the ticketmaster extortion fees, parking, and two drinks. For two people, you're looking at $100 to see a c-list band.

I think this guy has it on the money. My guitar player used his "free" two drink minimum tickets to see a "d" list band and spent $80 on the drinks in total. Are you feeling me? Good luck to Turner Hall!

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