Friday, October 26, 2007

Turner Hall opens tonight.

Dear God, please help make Turner Hall a success. I don't normally ask you to do harm to any person, place or thing, but Milwaukee needs Turner Hall. We need more venues to take that size crowd. Think of it as a Rave venue downtown, with the backing of Pabst and Riverside theater style management? I also heard that a few local bands had shows there. If you can't fill that place up, it would feel pretty silly to stand there amongst 17 fans in a very large, cool looking hall. Back to Turner Hall's line up. To open the new venue, Josh Rouse, his band & Maria Taylor from Azure Ray will start the ball rolling. All tickets just $15 bucks.


Anonymous said...

Why the death wish for the RAVE? Just because you don't like the looser format shows where you can actually move around or stand up doesn't mean it should go away. Some of us prefer shows there!

Wisconsin Music Man said...

I have no problem with the looser formats at the Rave. I think that the Rave bookings are just fine. It's the management that I don't like. Their history is not the best. I never liked venues that force local bands to pay a fee in order to play. I wish there were more Rave like venues. Turner hall will be an open venue as far as I can tell, and you don't have to hire an armed guard to walk to your car at the end of the night. My band played at the Rave on the first night they opened their doors way back in the 1980's. That was when the venue manager was a good guy, and it was fun to play there.