Monday, October 1, 2007

Waiting for Rilo Kiley

If they came to The Riverside Theater I would surely go. I'm talking about Rilo Kiley. The new disk, Under The Black light has 6 strong tunes. After song six, the disk drops in quality. It even sounds like the production and mixing drops in quality by song seven. It's as if they just stopped tweaking the songs after number 6. With that, they are worthy. I see by their tour dates that they are passing Milwaukee by. That's no surprise. We're "fly over" country now. Right from Minneapolis to Chicago, or vice versa. Since Rilo Kiley has a strong front woman singer, my guess is that some people would think that the band is named after her, but it's not. Jenny Lewis is her name. It's kind of like the Jethro Tull deal. No, Ian is his name, not Jethro. Get it?

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