Monday, April 21, 2008

John Mayer and his devoted fan base

John Mayer tickets went on sale for the Marcus Amphitheater show over the weekend. I hear that his fan club had nabbed many of the tickets in advance. My sister-in-law loves John Mayer. She told me how upset she was that she couldn't get tickets to the show. Last year, Rolling Stone magazine had a feature story about the best rock and roll guitar players of the modern era. John Mayer was on the front cover. Needless to say, there were very unhappy fans of other guitar players who replied to Rolling Stone. They felt that John Mayer didn't deserve to be on the cover. I can't say what I think about John Mayer. I don't know any of his songs, nor do I care. John Mayer played Summerfest in previous years. His wide ranging fan base, and his apparently enormous fan club will sell this show out in no time.

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