Monday, April 14, 2008

Wisconsin State Fair announces thier shows

The Wisconsin State fair tickets, for shows that run the gamut, are available months in advance. Truly a family event, the Wisconsin State Fair books music that ranges from REO Speedwagon, to Vanessa Hudgens to the Doodlebops. The stage is set on the infield of the Milwaukee Mile. The best seats are on the track, with the worst seats being the grandstand seats. Sometimes, if you are slick about it, you can view the acts from the infield parking lot. It's a view from the side, but it can be done. You just have to watch out for the horse riding cops that patrol the infield lots. They will make you "move along" if you stay too long in one spot. Personally, I haven't seen a show there in many years. I would have to say that the best show I saw at State Fair was Billy Idol back in 1984. He was in interesting shape that night.