Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Rock and Roll venue or sports dome. Milwaukee Theater, and more.

The Wisconsin Badgers just finished up their NCAA run at Ford Field this past weekend. I saw a report about how they managed to put a basketball court in the corner of the venue. That got me thinking about rock and roll venues that are converted from sports arenas. Before the Milwaukee Theater came to be, it was the Milwaukee Auditorium. That old venue could hold what looked to be around five thousand people.

But sometimes, the venue would be divided in half with a large 15 foot high curtain. The problem with that set up was the echo. The sound would travel over the top of the curtain and rattle around the back of the venue. It was awful. The Milwaukee Theater is an amazing replacement to the Milwaukee Auditorium. I can't even visualize the old Auditorium anymore. Back in 1996, I played the auditorium. It felt cool to be playing in such a huge venue. I know that there is no shot that I will ever play the Milwaukee Theater. That venue books only top name acts. We were a lowly touring band when we played our rock and roll at The Milwaukee Auditorium.

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