Friday, November 7, 2008

Beatallica pulls a Spinal Tap

I have a friend who plays bass in the Milwaukee band Beatallica. Their rise to fame is something of a Hollywood script. A few years back, the band formed as a joke for a one-off gig. They mixed the Beatles and Metallica, forming Beatallica. Someone video taped the show.

When it was over, the guys in the band thought nothing of the gig afterwords.

Then it exploded. The tape ended up on the web, the video caught fire in Germany, and the boys in the band were told of their cyber-success. They reformed and started playing out.
The gigs drew big crowds, and the attention of the lawers representing The Beatles.

They demanded that Beatallica stop performing.

Of all people, Lars Ullrich came to the rescue of Beatallica. He found a way to get the Beatles lawyers off the backs of the Beatallica boys. Their novelty style is a hit in Japan. Sony records released the latest Beatallica album, and now they are even bigger.

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