Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kenny B's for the wild times

I had trouble getting out of there last Halloween. Kenny B's in Manitowoc was open late because daylight savings time pushed all the clocks back. There was this killer rock band from Milwaukee on stage. They were all in pirate suits. The club was hot and sweaty.

When I needed a break, I went over to the karaoke side of the bar. There, I found a good pizza and a cold brew. I put my name in to sing a Devo song. The only ones they had were Whip It and Peek A Boo. I chose Whip It. Some woman wanted to sing the parts with me. When the song started up, she chickened out and I was on my own. After the first few lines, I was in the zone. It was great.

The stage is not huge, but that's nice. You feel like you are right there with the band. The pole in the middle can be a distraction, or an added prop. I met a couple of farmers last time. They were both chicks who worked on diary farms. They were tough women who wanted to drink and dance to the music.

The place is worth the trip if you are within an hour of the club. I'm renting a room the next time I go up there. It's not worth the effort of driving back to Milwaukee after going through the ringer at Kenny B's

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