Friday, November 21, 2008

Leo Kottke, another local favorite

Leo Kottke performs at the Barrymore Theater on February 6th, in Madison Wisconsin. This wise performer is touring the south and west coasts during most of this coming winter. What a great plan. He's lived in many places, most notably Minnesota. We consider Leo to be a Midwestern man.

Kottke has the strange picking style, he fought off tendinitis, and he has worked with many of the greatest guitar players of the past fifty years. He's been around so long that he has started to rework his older recordings from the 1970's. With over thirty five recordings to his name, why not go back around and redo the oldies.

The Barrymore Theater is a perfect place to see Leo play his songs. I haven't been there in years. I wonder if the Barrymore still has the tiny lights in the ceiling. It looks like the stars come out when they turn the house lights down.

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