Monday, January 5, 2009

Harry Connick a bust for this year

I found myself handing over my Milwaukee Theater tickets to a friend the other night. My wife loves Harry Connick Jr. She has seen him three times so far. We were planning on that show for weeks, but when I showed her the tickets, she balked. She was repelled by the print on the ticket. It said "holiday show" on it.

She was not expecting a holiday show. I must admit, a holiday show can get as stale as a cup of Alterra coffee when you get to be my age. You have heard them sung in so many ways, you have seen dozens of performers do their rendition of White Christmas, Jingle Bells, and so on.
We decided to go out for dinner instead. That was a good call. It was cold that night, and the thought of hitting the downtown bars before and after the show chilled me just to think about it.

The next day I read the review of the show. To my dismay, I read that Harry played more than holiday songs. He played a mix of both his regular numbers and the usual holiday music. There is a chance that I could have suffered through that just to see my wife so happy.

It was too late for that. We will have to wait for Harry to come back next year. Meanwhile on the local side, I'm heading down to Racine this Friday night to check out Binky Tunny and the Farmland Chokehold at McAuliffe's Irish Pub. Binky Tunny opens for Thunder Driver from Illinois. It's my last weekend before heading to Amsterdam. I want to have some local fun.

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