Monday, January 26, 2009

The Used Music Store Stocked to the Roof.

I don't usually shop for complete drum kits at Music Go Round in Greenfield. I go there quite often just to look around and see what grabs me. In the past year, I bought a small p.a. board, microphones, cymbal stands, a throne, cases, skins and sticks. (I had to change my original post, after I realized that I do drop the cash at MGR.) When I do go there, I scour the store. I don't play guitar, but I look at their stock. I don't need an amp, but I look at all of them. I just like to kill time there while my wife shops at the spice store.

In the weeks before Xmas, the place is crowded with drum stock. It's mostly used starter drum kits that crowd the front end of the store. The used cymbal stands fill the window, no matter what season it is.

I stopped in the store last week, and it was amazing. There were more amps than I could ever remember seeing in past years. There were more guitars, drums, cases, etc. What gives? This was just weeks after Christmas, at a time when the store has usually been picked clean by mom's and dad's and the staff is a few days away from restocking.

Was it related to the economy? Was every spare amp sold off to Music Go Round to cover utility bills, or to make ends meet? The place was busy with customers, and if you had the cash, there was product to buy, but I was wondering what was up with all that juicy gear?

Perhaps it was just a fluke. Perhaps I came at a time that had nothing to do with this sagging economy. I don't know.

Many musicians struggle financially, even during the best of times. They are devoted to their craft, and many don't have steady jobs. Some of my friends sell off gear when they are in trouble, but I doubt that this was why MGR was stocked full.

I think it's my paranoia about the economy, and I just caught the "gear wave" at its crest.


Unknown said...

Wisconsin Music Man-

Just thought I'd drop you a quick note about your blog. I am an owner of the store in Greenfield and Kenosha. A friend of mine that owns a MGR in Michigan forwarded it to me. I think he has it saved on Google somehow.

I can see how you might tie the economy to our overall stock, but honestly its the result of two years of really hard work on our part. The store's ownership changed and we've been quietly pursuing our goals. Our main goal is to become the largest retailer of USED musical instruments in Wisconsin, and as you noticed... it's working

At a time when most music stores are trying to "entice" you with 80% off a fictional list price, we've been busy writing checks to our customers. Last year we were able to hand out just shy of $1,000,000 to local musicians! We aren't after their favorite gear, just the stuff they have laying around not being used.... admit it, I bet you have some gear you could sell too... stuff you're never gonna touch again :-)

There are unfortunate circumstances that everyone has to face from time to time, and in those instances I'm sure we end up buying gear from a customer when they would rather keep it. Bills, lost jobs, broken cars, bail money, school... we've heard it all.

That's life though, and quite frankly I'm glad we're here to do it. We provide a service that is quick, easy, and most importantly honest. I also know for a fact that we typically offer more than any other shop in town for USED gear. With us, you don't have to post on CL and wait for odd birds to come oogle at all the other stuff in your house that isn't for sale, and unlike eBay... you get paid right away. No fees, no percents, PayPal, shipping etc.

We're all taking a hit in this economy, but we're trying to make the best of it by stocking and selling what everyone needs... quality USED gear at a fair price.

Keep on rocking!

skott moriarti

ps- You also said you rarely buy anything from us... is there anything we can track down for you? Our gear moves fast, and a lot of times we've had what you were searching for... someone else just beat you to it!

Wisconsin Music Man said...

Skott: Thanks for the reply. I have to clarify my post. I started to think more about my past purchases at Music Go Round, I should retract my statement entirely, but I just changed the first part of my post.