Friday, January 30, 2009

Is It a Country Summerfest? Time Will Tell

Smiley promises that this upcoming Summerfest will not be comprised of all country music headliners. I hope to buy a Marcus Amphitheater ticket for a show this does not require that I wear a cowboy hat in order to get in. At least the two country acts that they have booked are not totally horrible. George Strait is a solid, old school man. Kenny Chesney is loved by his fans far and wide.

I friend of mine works on the road crew for Kenny, and he has nothing but great things to say about the man. I suspect that there will be a current flavor of the day show, a couple of softer rock shows, and beyond.

It's nice to have an announcement in the dead of winter though. At least we know that someone is working hard to make this summer a good time.

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