Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Carl Palmer Drumming His Way to Milwaukee

Carl Palmer

I hate to think about October already, but that's when Carl Palmer will be coming to The Pabst in Milwaukee. He's 61 years old, but still plays drums like a young man. Speaking of young, the two guys playing in his band are young enough to be his sons. They bring a great flavor to ELP songs that have been around for decades. It's instrumental night if you head to the venue. Nobody can take the place of Greg Lake, so why even try?

Palmer is from Handsworth England. Quite a few great musiciains come from that town, including Steve Winwood. I wonder if Winwood and Palmer ever found themselves at the same pub? They are nearly the same age, and both play rock. I'll bet that they did.

Carl Palmer's claim to fame is playing for Emerson, Lake and Palmer, but he also hit the skins for Asia. My favorite story about Palmer is when he ordered up a steel drumset. Not a Caribbean steel drum kit from barrels, but a drum set made out of steel. It weighs over 4000lbs. Ringo Star owns it now.

In 2010, ELP got together to perform at the High Voltage Festival in London. That show may have sparked the flame once again, as there are rumors that the band will once again go on tour. Let's hope so.

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