Friday, June 24, 2011

Local Bands Playing Milwaukee During Summerfest

Some people say that you should never book a gig in Milwaukee when Summerfest is going on. They cite that everyone is at the fest. They aren't going to see your band at a local club, after they have spent all of their cash at Summerfest. I decided to take a look at who is playing some of the local clubs from June 29, to July 9.

I checked with, and I must admit that the June 29 band listing looks about as thin as it can get. If you include the Zoofari gig by 2nd Wave, there are a whopping six gigs listed outside of Summerfest. It's not much better on June 30, with seven shows listed, one being an "after Summerfest party" at Smokin' Joes.

July 2, I see 18 shows listed, but two are acutally Summerfest gig listings, three are private parties, and five are so far from Milwaukee that I have to wonder why they are listed on a site titled "Milwaukee Rocks." Okay, perhaps it's true. Don't book a non Summerfest gig in Milwuakee during the festival run.

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