Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In One Wind Skitters To the Midwest on a Touring Breeze

In One Wind sucked me in, twirled me about, stopped me cold, then sent me on my way down the street with all the other leaves and breezy things. This band will challenge you with stirring lyrics, flute, guitar, drums, double bass, clarinet, and more. I picked Westering as my personal favorite.

They started their tour this past Saturday night, and come to Wisconsin for a weekend of shows. On June 17, the band will perform at the Memorial Union at UW Madison for a 5pm gig. They pick up and haul butt over to the Project Lodge for an 8pm set that same evening. Of course they will be in Milwaukee on the night that I'm in Boston. For those of you not 900 miles away, they will be at the Riverwest Public House for an 8pm show on June 18.

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